Material Characterization
Magnetic Testing
  • DC induction (up to H=200 Oe or 16000A/m) and AC core loss (up to 1200 Hz)
  • DC Hysteresis loop (Ms, Hc, Mr, μ; measured by VSM) and AC hysteresis loop (up to 1 MHz)
  • Magnetic permeability spectra ( up to 10 GHz)
  • Ferromagnetic resonant frequency of thin film and bulk materials
  • Microwave property testing
Electrical Testing
  • Resistivity test (four-point probe method for sheet, bulk, or powders)
  • Dielectric permittivity spectra (up to 10 GHz)
  • Hall effect
Structural Testing
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Energy dispersive spectra (EDS)
  • Electron diffraction
Nanomaterial Testing
  • Particle size and size distribution
  • Surface charge
  • Shape, morphlogy, and microstructure
  • Surface area measurement
Optical Testing
  • Transmission spectra (UV-Vis-IR)
  • FT-IR (far-IR)
Testing Brochure