Based on unique expertise and industrial experience, Spectrum Magnetics LLC offers consulting services to customers in the fields listed below:

  • Fabrication, characterization, and scaling up production of magnetic materials (ferries, metals, etc.)
  • Antenna substrate, EMI absorption, and radar absorption materials (MDM, RAM, PMC, etc.)
  • Window or protection materials for UV, visible, and IR light (UV, vis, IR, etc.)
  • Composite materials for various applications (UV-vis, IR, RF, structure material, etc.)
  • Design and simulation of permanent magnets, electromagnets, and microwave fixtures
  • Fabrication, characterization and industrial scale up production of nanomaterials
  • Spintronics and its microwave applications (MTJ, spin valve, GMR, etc.)
Electromagnetic Design & Evaluation

Spectrum Magnetics LLC offers various customized 2D and 3D electromagnetic and electromechanical systems, including motors, actuators, transformers, sensors, and coils. Other examples are listed below:

  • Magnet design (uniform, gradient, rotating fields)
  • System design (linear actuator, magnetic break, automobile clutch, etc.)
  • System performance evaluation (eddy current loss, thermal environment, etc.)