High Power Wideband Noise Source

HPNS series high power noise sources are Gaussian white noise sources that operate over a frequency range from 0.1 to 110 GHz and provides high noise power of ENR up to 60 dB. All sources provides wide, flat noise spectral density starting at 0.1 GHz.

Hysteresisgraph/Hysteresis B-H Loop Tracer
  • Broad frequency range
  • High ENR
  • Flatness
  • SMA conductor
  • Modularity
  • EM environment simulation
  • Measurement instrument
  • Jamming/interference
  • Calibration of passive sensing
Frequency Range Instrument Datasheet Module Datasheet Miniature
0.1 to 10 GHz HPNS010 HPNS010 TBA
0.1 to 20 GHz HPNS020 HPNS020 TBA
0.1 to 40 GHz HPNS040 HPNS040 TBA
0.1 to 70 GHz HPNS070 HPNS070 TBA
0.1 to 110 GHz HPNS0110 HPNS0110 TBA