Magnetic Nanomaterials

Soft Magnetic Nanocomposites

Spectrum Magnetics has developed composite, anistropic soft magnetic nanomaterials with relative permeabilities of 10-80 in the frequency ranges of 1-100 MHz. These soft magetic nanocomposites can be used in magnetic components such as inductors or transformers, or in various converters operating in multi-MHz. A series of soft magnetic nanocomposites have been developed for applications in different frequency ranges from 100 kHz to 100 MHz, as shown in the datesheets below.

Magnetodielectric materials

Spectrum Magnetics has developed various magnetic flakes (Fe, Ni, and their alloys) with the thicknesses ranging from 50nm-10μm and lateral sizes of 10-100 μm. Due to their unique shape anisotropy and sizes, these magnetic nanomaterials have some unique magnetic properties, such as low eddy current loss, high permeability, and high anisotropy. These magnetic nanomaterials have applications in various fields, such as paints, catalysts, and electromagnetic composite materials. Other nonmagnetic nanoflakes can also be manufactured upon customer request.  

Metallic (such as Fe, Ni, Co, etc.) and oxide (such as NiFe2O4, BaM, YIG, etc.) nanofibers have been developed with diameters randing from  10nm-5μm. Due to their unique shape and size, these magnetic nanomaterials have applications in energy storage, various composites, EMI shielding, catalysts, etc.  Because of their unique one dimensional geometry, nanofibers have several unique properties when compared to the bulk form. For example, magnetic nanofibers have higher ferromagnetic resonance frequencies due to their shape anisotropy.  They can be used as conductive fillers and have variable applications in the area of energy, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and oil industries.

Magnetic nanomaterials 2
Product # µ’ @ 10MHz ε’ @ 10MHz µ”/µ’ @ 10MHz µ”/µ’ @ 100MHz µ”/µ’ @ 500MHz µ”/µ’ @ 1GHz Datasheet
SMMDP400 1.5 3.3 <0.001 <0.001 0.06 0.08 SMMDP
SMMDP401 2.1 5.4 0.01 0.03 0.1 0.15 SMMDP