We Provide Advanced High Frequency Magnetic Solutions

Instruments for Soft Magnetic Material/Soft Magnetic Composite/Soft Ferrite Testing and Analysis

Ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Ultrathin film ferromagnetic resonance

  • In-plane and out-of-plane ferromagnetic resonance

  • Angle dependent ferromagnetic resonance

Hysteresigraph B-H loop tracer
  • AC/DC hysteresisgraph B-H Loop Tracer

  • Stress dependent hysteresisgraph B-H Loop Tracer

Low Loss High Frequency Magnetic Composite Materials

Magnetic polymer composites
  • Magnetodielectric materials with tailored dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability

Magnetic nanomaterials
  • Magnetic particles, magnetic nanoparticles, and magnetic flakes


Design and evaluation

Design and Evaluation

Material characterization

Material Characterization